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Custom designed jewelry makes a great gift, whether it’s for you or someone you love! This exciting process starts at the drawing board where Ginger works exclusively with you to create your perfect piece of jewelry. She beautifully illustrates her skill so that each one-of-a-kind design can be visualized to exact scale and dimension. You are guaranteed to join Ginger’s long list of satisfied customers.

The Folding Cross : Designed By Ginger

The Folding Cross necklace was designed by Ginger to break apart, and then become whole again. This Folding Cross was created to remind us that even though parts of our lives are trials and tribulations, it is these hard times that help us grow.

When you are weighed down with strife and problems, this Cross will remind you that God is always in your heart, giving you the strength to forge ahead. Even when going through a cold bout of spirit, remember that God will always keep you warm, and reignite his love in your heart.

The Folding Cross also comes with a variety of message cards related to Celebration, Coping, Death, Divorce, Graduation, Struggles, etc…


  • Coping– In all trials and tribulations, lean not on your own understanding, but on the light and love of God’s guidance. For you in this difficult time, wear this cross a reminder that even when we are broken, God’s love will make us whole once more.
  • Death– For every season, there is an end, and for every end, a new beginning. When your heart is heavy with sadness and pain, remember that God is always with you, and allow him to begin to heal you again with the memories and sweetness of the one you have loved and lost so dearly. Carry God around your neck, and carry your loved one in your heart forever.
  • Divorce– A treasure for you, to mark the beginning of a new, beautiful journey of self-discovery. With this cross around your neck, let God carry you when life becomes too heavy to handle alone. You are never alone, not with God in your heart.
  • Congratulations: To help you celebrate this joyous occasion, wear this Cross wherever you go, to remind you of this special memory and the love attached to it. Through good times and bad, you will always carry God and this moment with you.
  • Graduation: Always remember this special day with this beautiful magnetic Cross necklace. Carry your achievement and God’s loving spirit with you wherever you go in life. Congratulations on your Graduation!
  • Marriage/Engagement: Opening up, and folding back together, this uniquely designed Cross necklace represents the opening of two people’s hearts, and the joining together of two lives. With God’s love at the center of your marriage, the love you have for one another will never falter.
  • Others, potentially: birthday, celebration, anniversary, baptism, first communion, hs/college grad, military deployment (wife/family/female soldier) (anything else you would like)