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FREE Cleaning and Inspection

We’re all so busy. When can you find the time to give your jewelry the loving care it needs? Still… even when you’re super careful, even the most pampered fine jewelry, artisan jewelry or costume jewelry occasionally needs cleaning or repair to keep it maintained and looking like new. 

That's where Ginger's repair and cleaning services can help. Our jewelry experts have over 30 years of experience and are happy to Inspect your jewelry for FREE! Ginger's can also service your favorite jewelry and precious heirlooms with many types of jewelry repairs. It doesn’t matter to us whether the jewelry needing repaired or cleaned was purchased at Ginger's, online at one of the many retailers, at an arts and crafts show, or another jeweler. Everyone is welcome to enjoy our top-quality repair services, no matter where your jewelry was purchased.

Our Design and Repair experts are trained professionals who can handle most types of repairs: from resizing your ring and fixing your gold chain, to resetting your diamonds and other precious gemstones. Stop in at Ginger's Jewelry on Electric rdor call us at (540)-563-5559 to let us know how we can help.